4.* logfile

Sciter 4.* logfile:

Build# Date Updates


  • fixes internal promise() implementation;
  • [CSS] fix of column width calculation in flow:vertical-wrap; containers;


  • new version numbering schema that includes SVN revision;
  • new Sciter platform demo: Sciter Notes application https://sciter.com/sciter-notes 
  • [script] new Request DOM object and onRequest(request) and onRequestResponse(request) methods on <frame> and <richtext> elements. Allows to fulfil or reject data requests from script;
  • [script] <img> or <picture>, elem.value = ... byte array ...; containing image data: png,jpeg,etc. bytes;
  • [+plus] support of <some model=... each=...> (model and each on the same element);
  • [+plus] @readonly="expr" – allows to bind element.state.readonly;
  • Element.state.flowType property, reports current layout type of the element;
  • [+formation] + ability to set element attributes from data model, see: https://sciter.com/forums/topic/dynamic-sub-menu/#post-52034 
  • Element.execCommand("edit:insert-text", "foo") for <plaintext> and <htmlarea>
  • [richtext] Transaction.split() and Transaction.wrap() methods;
  • Element.$o(selector) method – get owners of popup element by selector;
  • [CSS3] text-decoration-line, text-decoration-color, text-decoration-style support;
  • [CSS] + transition of max-width, min-width, max-height, min-height, visibility and display properties;
  • [css] back/foreground-size property animation;
  • [css, variables] color(name) and length(name) variable functions – equivalent of var(name,10px) and var(name,#f00) but without need of providing default value;
  • view.mediaVar("name") method to get single variable value;


  • [inspector] single instance operation – starting second instance is causing first one to be activated;
  • [script] Fix of "AAA".split("A") implementation to be conformant with JS spec.
  • Changes for compatibility with Bullseye code coverage tool;
  • Fix of issues detected by PVS studio;
  • Fix of mouse hit test issue in hyperlinks, see https://sciter.com/forums/topic/blind-spots-in-hyperlink/ ;
  • Element.attributes add/remove work faster;
  • [inspector] fix of bug with inner frames handling;
  • [script] fix GC issue with persistable objects;
  • [osx] fix of Korean font rendering;
  • [osx] fix of blur behind handling;
  • [textarea, edit, richtext] hiding caret when readonly is set;
  • [layout] min-content calculation fix in flow:horizontal; elements;
  • [textarea.richtext] positioning of context menu relative to the caret when menu is invoked from keyboard;
  • [osx] getting html from clipboard;
  • Execution of Element.scrollTo() and Element.scrollToView() delayed until layout is valid. 
  • [layout] fix of text-align:center; see: https://sciter.com/forums/topic/incorrect-text-line-centering/ 
  • [osx,CG] fix of border-radius rendering;
  • [printing] fix of partial run rendering;
  • [osx,CoreGraphics] handling of TAB characters in plaintext editor;
  • behavior:plaintext, fix of CTRL-A -> DELETE;
  • [xgl] fix of samples\graphics\test-graphics-path-ops.htm (broken red lines), samples\graphics\test-immediate-mode.htm (dashed lines, different shapes);
  • and samples\graphics\test-layer-image-mask.htm (hangs)
  • [css] fix of filter:none; interpretation;
  • [svg] fix of fill-style attribute inheritance;
  • [CSS] honoring display:table | table-row | table-cell;
  • sdk/samples/ideas/lightbox-dialog/ update to use blur behind;
  • flow:grid inline-block’s adjustment;
  • [win] font ascent/decent calculation adjustment;
  • SW_CONTROLS flag in SciterCreateWindow affects window icon and close button. SW_RESIZABLE adds thick border and min/max buttons;
  • element.unsubscribe("event","selector") fix, see: https://sciter.com/forums/topic/unsubscribe-issuse/ 
  • [ddm2] fix of the case: https://sciter.com/forums/topic/event-mouse_leave/ 
  • Fix of side effects in method Element.parseHtml(html) : Array of Nodes   
  • behavior:textarea and edit, VK_LEFT and VK_RIGHT handling on selection;
  • fix of Element.state["statename"] for "expanded","collapsed", "checked" and "unchecked";
  • fix of border-collapse:collapse; rendering;
  • [+formation] <menu> added to the list of repeatables;
  • <input|number>, compatibility with Element.clone()
  • [script] view.request{}, forcing it to be always async (requirement for await); 
  • [menus] closing popups when host window looses focus;
  • removing unnecessary layout updates while set focus handling;
  • FontAwesome, sample upgraded to version 4.7.0;
  • [win, gdi] fix in window closing procedure;
  • [editing] UTF16 surrogates handling fix. See: https://sciter.com/forums/topic/textarea-unicode/ 
  • [css] var(test): rgba(255,255,255,0.4); parsing fix;
  • [dom] fix of $p(selector) for code running in frames;
  • <select> auto value parsing fix in case <option value="1m">;
  • [skia] fix of Graphics.arc() and Graphics.ellipse() rendering.
  • fix of multiple tooltips appearance issue;
  • [menu] fix of keyboard navigation handling by behavior:menu;
  • [textarea][richtext] fix of setting focus after popup menu.

NOTE: Windows executables in SDK are not signed so you may encounter security warnings on W8 and W10. On MacOS you may need to run SDK executables directly from console as they are not signed too.
  • Graphics.strokeDash(array[,offset]) – custom dashes support;
  • [API] SciterAttachHwndToElement(element,hwnd), support case when  hwnd == NULL ( to detach );
  • [API] sciter::value::is_color() , sciter::value::is_duration() , sciter::value::is_angle(), etc.
  • [css] cursor: drag-copy | drag-move types;
  • [osx,skia] auto fallback to CPU rendering if no OpenGL on platform (like when OSX is being run on VMWare);
  • + Node.commonParent(other:Node) : Element method;


NOTE: Windows executables in SDK are not signed so you may encounter security warnings on W8 and W10. On MacOS you may need to run SDK executables directly from console as they are not signed too.

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