At the moment Sciter works on all actual desktop platforms.

Desktop operating systems

Microsoft Windows

  • Windows XP – it uses GDI+ graphics backend.
  • Windows Vista … Windows 10 – it uses Direct2D/DirectX hardware accelerated graphics backend.


Sciter works on any version of OSX starting from 10.7 “Lion”. Sciter uses CoreGraphics primitives directly.

Linux and other Unixes

Sciter works on any system that is capable to run GTK3.

Other OSes

In principle Sciter can be ported to any OS that has graphical primitives ready. For example Sciter can be compiled to run on iOS. Or with some effort to work on Android using either existing Cairo backend or Skia graphics layer.

We are using customers driven development model so if you want to see Sciter UI on some OS that is not in the list – let us know.

Platform agnostic and platform specific code

Sciter allows you to design your application in completely platform independent manner using standard C/C++ libraries. Even on Mac OSX.

But if needed you can add OS specific features and expose them to UI layer.

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