scapp.exe – standalone Sciter executable.

Adding scapp.exe to the SDK.

The ScApp is an executable that contains Sciter engine linked statically – has no external dependencies.

scapp.exe can be started without parameters or with a file name that has either .htm, .tis or .scapp extension:

> scapp.exe


> scapp.exe tetris.scapp

If it starts without parameters then it will try to look for either main.htm, main.tis or main.scapp in current folder.

If .htm[l] file is given Sciter window will be created and the document will be loaded to it.

The .scapp file is a zip file containing /main.tis at root. The main.tis is expected to contain code creating windows and calling; – GUI message pump loop:

  // create first window, it may call Sciter.requestQuit(0) to exit from the loop below
  var window = View.window { ... };
  // run message pump loop of the application

Essentially it will just execute the script in the same way as tiscript.exe does.

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