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    Andrew, I am having some veeeeery strange problem with string, probably because of the new optimization thing… it is something along this:

    var s = "what";
    Meow(s + "-wow");
    assert(s=="what");// false!!
    assert(s=="what-wow");// true!!

    The sum expression is mutating the variable, with no assignment involved.
    Note however, that this code doesn’t simply reproduces the bug, it happens only in the middle of program execution, some memory+GC problem, because if I do the following:

    gc();// Garbage collect
    var s = "what";
    Meow(s + "-wow");
    assert(s=="what");// true
    assert(s=="what-wow");// false

    no problem occurs..

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    I see what you mean, fixing.

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    Fixed in

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