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Sciter SDK on GitHub

Sciter SDK contains the following folders:

  • bin, bin.osx and bin.gtk – folders with the compiled Sciter engine: sciter32/64.dll (Windows), sciter-osx-64.dylib (OS X), (Linux) and sciter.exe variations – demo "browser" with builtin DOM inspector, script debugger and Sciter documentation browser (see screenshot above). There are compiled versions of samples from the demo folder.
  • include – C and C++ include files that define the public Sciter engine API: window level functions, DOM access methods and utilities.
  • demos, demos.osx, demos.gtk – demo projects/applications demonstrating various aspects of Sciter embedding.
  • doc – documentation in HTML format, viewable in conventional browsers and the built-in help viewer.
  • samples – HTML/CSS/script ready to use code snippets and samples demonstrating various Sciter features.

Libraries and samples included in the public Sciter SDK

  • samples/+plus – that is AngularJS alike data-binding library. Small (480 LOC) and non-intrusive Model-View-Whatever library.
  • samples/+libunderscore.js alike primitives.
  • samples/+promisePromises/A+ specification implementation.
  • samples/+query – port of basic jQuery/Zepto features. Most of the basic jQuery features are implemented natively in Sciter, so this library is quite compact – 700 LOC.
  • samples/+lang – i18n primitives.
  • samples/+vlistvirtual list, grid library, and samples. Use it when you need to browse large sets of records. +vlist uses a live data binding mechanism. Just provide an array[] of records and a AngularJS alike repeatable template.
  • samples/animations – library and demos of animation framework, similar to GreenSock.js animation platform (GSAP).
  • samples/animated-pngAnimated PNG demos.
  • samples/animations-transitions-css – CSS based transitions. Historically, Sciter uses slightly different syntax of defining CSS transitions, but the feature set is similar to the CSS3 Transitions module.
  • samples/basics – basic CSS samples, including the CSS3 transform property.
  • samples/communication – AJAX/JSON client, WebSockets and DataSockets duplex inter/intra-net communication.
  • samples/css++ – demonstration of various CSS extnesions introduced in Sciter.
  • samples/dialogs+windows – demonstation of View.window, View.dialog and View.msgbox features: desktop windows defined by HTML/CSS/script means.
  • samples/drag-n-drop-manager – drag-n-drop manager.
  • samples/effects.css++ – transition:blend and transition: slide-xxx demos – Sciter specific transition extensions.
  • samples/font-@-awesome – CSS3 @font-face feature demo using FontAwesome integration.
  • samples/forms – demonstration of Sciter extended set of <input> widgets including <select type=tree>, <input type=number>, <input type=masked> and many others.
  • samples/goodies – Sciter extras, including behavior:file-icon – shell icons rendering.
  • samples/graphics – use of Graphics class – immediate and buffered drawing primitives including "render-element-to-bitmap" and "dynamic-CSS-background-image" features, Graphics in Sciter is a superset of <canvas> functionality in browsers.
  • samples/ideas/ – bunch of implementation ideas including:Virtual list
    • callout – dynamic callout
    • carousel   
    • KiTE – {{mustache}} alike template engine.
    • lightbox-dialog – lightbox in-window modal dialogs.
    • moveable-windows – Sciter supports so called airborn DOM elements – elements rendered in separate windows. The sample demonstrates this feature.
    • tray-notifications – shell tray notifications defined by HTML/CSS means.
    • virtual-list – yet another virtual list with kinetic scroll that supports unlimited number of items of variable height (see image on the right).
  • samples/image-map – "image catalogs for humans" and DPI-aware images.Sciter tooltips
  • samples/image-transformations.css++ – yet another Sciter specific CSS feature: image filters.
  • samples/menu – real menus defined in HTML and styled by CSS.
  • samples/popup – yet another demo of "airborn" DOM elements – popup windows.
  • samples/replace-animator – demo of animated transitions between different layouts.
  • samples/richtext – demonstration of the <richtext> widget – WYSIWYG HTML editor,
  • samples/scrollbars-n-scrolling – scrollbar and scroll manner styling.
  • samples/selection – demo of textual/range selections on DOM tree.
  • samples/sqlite – demo of SQLite integration (tiscript-sqlite.dll).
  • samples/svg – demonstration of extended SVG support in Sciter.
  • samples/tooltips++ –  demo of tooltips/calltips definitions & styling (see image on the right).
  • samples/video – <video> playback in Sciter.
  • samples/xml – XML handling using builtin XMLParser based on the XML tokenizer.