This element handles functionality of <frameset> elements - containers of blocks-panes separated by so called splitters allowing to adjust the relative sizes of the panes.

The behavior can be applied to any block container, <div> or <section> for example.


These elements have behavior:frame-set applied by default:


In Sciter <frameset> element may contain as <frame> elements as any other block containers like <div> or <section> as panes.

Panes can be split by <splitter> elements if some special styling of splitters is required.

Example, typical help window layout:

<frameset cols="120px,*">
   <div id="help-index">
      <a href="first-topic.htm" target="help-content">First topic</a> 
   <frame id="help-content">Select topic from index</frame>

First pane here is <div> element having static content. <frame> is a container of selected topic element and <splitter> element used for interactive size adjustment.


<frame> attributes that have special meaning:

Either cols or rows attribute has to be defined. width/height list is a comma separated list of Sciter length units: dips, px, mm, etc. including flex units (*).


N/A - no specific events.