Standard button behavior. It can be applied to any DOM element converting it to focusable and clickable area.


These elements have behavior:button applied by default:

  • <button></button>
  • <input type=button>
  • <input type=reset>
  • <input type=submit>


This behavior knows about:

  • value="string" caption that will appear on the <input type=button>.
  • name="name" – standard attribute name – name of the input element on a form.


Other than standard set of events (mouse, keyboard, focus) behavior:button generates:

  • BUTTON_CLICK event, generated on mouse down/up or spacebar key press events when button is in focus. Posted (asynchronous) event.
  • BUTTON_PRESS event, generated on mouse down or spacebar key down when button is in focus. Synchronous event.


N/A – behavior:button does not introduce any specific methods.


true/false – read-only, value of the button reflects pressed state of the button.

Button clicks handling in script

raw onClick handler

var btn = $(button#some);
btn.onClick = function() { ... event handling code ... }

on() subscription

var btn = $(button#some);
btn.on("click", function() { ... event handling code ... });
self.on("click", "button#some", function() { ... event handling code ... });

decorators.tis handler

include "decorators.tis";
@click @on "button#some" :: ... event handling code ...;