About Us

Terra Informatica Certificate of IncorporationSciter Engine was created and is developed and maintained by Terra Informatica Software, Inc.

Terra Informatica Software is a small, privately-owned company with office in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

Terra Informatica formed in 1991 in USSR and re-registered and incorporated in 2004 in Canada. The company specializes in design of desktop systems and components, modern ergonomic user interfaces, HTML rendering/editing components. We also offer consulting and design services in these areas. If you have and idea, please contact us and we will do the rest in the most effective way and with the best quality.

Terra Informatica Software is a small company, and intends to remain this way. We believe that compact professional team is the best and most effective environment for innovative software design.

Andrew FedonioukFounder of the Terra Informatica’s is Andrew Fedoniouk. Andrew got MS degree in Physics and Applied Mathematics and Diploma in Arts. He started his career as a researcher in Russian aero-space industry so the “rocket science” idiom he gets literally.