Sciter with Skia backend

Sciter Engine with Skia backend is coming. It will support as bitmap (CPU) targets as hardware accelerated rendering on OpenGL and Vulcan Graphics devices / APIs.
vulcan and opengl

Here is the “first cry”


startmeeting – Sciter UI application.

FreeConferenceCall Corporation has published next major version of their StartMeeting application. This time StartMeeting uses Sciter as a UI layer:


StartMeeting is a video conferencing application that among other things supports “one presenter – thousands attendees” meeting model. StartMeeting offers the following functionality:

  • Video Camera streaming – presenter’s video camera stream gets delivered to all attendees. SM supports more than one presenter.
  • Screen sharing –  presenters can share their desktop on per application basis.
  • Interactive / on screen free hand drawing and area highlighting.
  • Real-time meeting management – meeting dashboard : list of participants, permissions, presenter role assignment.
  • Attendees can participate in the meeting not only over Internet but also by phone.
  • StartMeeting works on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and all major mobile platforms.