Mac OSX, DPI and font sizes mess

Most of applications on Mac OS X use fixed 72 DPI settings despite of all these Retina and other high-DPI monitors. I understand that this is legacy we’ve got from last century. But c’mon, it is 2014 out there …

Even conventional browsers that supposed to handle scaling well by using CSS rules are failing to render simple things like:

  <div style="width:3in; width:3in; border:1px solid">
    is it 3 inch square?

you will see everything but not 3 inches square here.

I am not getting what’s the problem to implement proper scaling. Here it is in Sciter on Mac:
DPI screenshot

Screenshot is taken on Mac with Dell UltraSharp U2711 monitor.

Sciter on Mac with native CoreGraphics backend

It is coming:

Sciter on Mac screenshot

Sciter on Mac

Core components are in pretty good shape, working on porting public API functions.

sciter-x.h will have all functions that use HWND refactored to use HWINDOW instead, that on Windows will resolve to HWND and on Mac OS X to NSView* (client portion of NSWindow).