Some real life applications that use Sciter core engine for their UI – HTML/CSS under the hood.

Build cross platform desktop applications with HTML, CSS and script

Sciter brings a stack of web technologies to desktop UI development. Web designers, and developers, can reuse their experience and expertise in creating modern looking desktop applications.

Various GUI frameworks offer different UI declaration and styling languages, such as QML and XAML (Microsoft WPF). On the contrary, Sciter allows using time proven, robust, and flexible HTML and CSS for GUI definition, and GPU accelerated rendering.

In almost 10 years, Sciter UI engine has become the secret weapon of success for some of the most prominent antivirus products on the market: Norton Antivirus and Internet Security, Comodo Internet Security, ESET Antivirus, BitDefender Antivirus, and others. The use of HTML/CSS has allowed their UI to stay in touch with modern GUI trends throughout all these years, and will continue to well into the future.

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Key features


Write code once, and deploy on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

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Sciter uses C API, can be used with any programming language.

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Use known technologies, such as HTML, CSS, and JS-like scripts.

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User interface of the 21st century

We are entering the era of 200-300 pixels per inch monitors (e.g. retina) that contain 4-9 times more pixels than previous displays. Modern CPUs are simply not capable to “rasterize” that amount of data, so GPU acceleration is definitely required. Sciter, and HTML/CSS in it, is the natural choice for this purpose. Sciter uses modern hardware accelerated graphic back-ends wherever they are available.

Rapidly changing UI fashion and trends are everywhere. Yesterday, it was the so-called skeuomorphism. Today, Metro and Material Design are our everything. With Sciter, changing the front end of your application involves just altering the styles (CSS), and probably a couple of scripts that do animations. No need to rewrite the whole application because your old GUI is nailed down to the rest of your code.

We live in the “era of AppStores”, when application installation by the user is just a matter of a few clicks. Consider Sciter even if you are planning to develop a pure web application. Why to put your great design into a Procrustean bed of a browser tab? In Sciter, your UI may use multiple HTML/CSS windows. Particular DOM elements can even be rendered in separate popup windows outside of the main window surface if that’s needed for better usability, and user experience. Do you really want to invest a vast amount of resources into testing application in multiple browsers? Sciter UI would allow it to run seamlessly on all desktop OSes with minor OS specific style tweaks.

Sciter code runs on 270 million desktops

Since the first official release in 2006, Sciter UI and its core engine have operated on over 270 million PCs and Macs worldwide.

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